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Chris Jorgensen

Chris is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations and their leaders reach their full potential and make a lasting impact. By fostering humble and transformational leadership, Chris believes organizations can thrive when they create focus and engage employees. His passion is to help organizations build a foundation for success and unleash capacity by prioritizing the few things that will truly be transformational, saying ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ to other distractions.

With over sixteen years of experience in nonprofit leadership, operations, financial oversight, strategic planning, and technology, Chris’ passion for maximizing the impact of nonprofit organizations is deeply rooted. As a CPA with a strong foundation in financial stewardship, he has held key roles such as Sr. VP of Strategy and Operations at OneChild, COO at YMCA of the Rockies, and CFO at the Denver Rescue Mission.

Throughout his career, Chris has continuously honed his strategic leadership skills through both practical experience and formal education. He obtained a MS in Organizational Leadership, which has further enhanced his ability to guide organizations and leaders towards success. In 2020, Chris founded Convergent Strategy, a company dedicated to helping nonprofits and leaders in strategic planning, organization effectiveness, and organization development.

Chris’s commitment to helping leaders thrive is showcased in his book, “The Nehemiah Blueprint.” This book explores eight crucial leadership attributes that were exhibited by Nehemiah in the Old Testament. These attributes are highly relevant and practical for any leader today.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Chris enjoys a fulfilling personal life with his wife Cynthia and their two sons, Corban and Conley. They find joy in hiking, being actively involved in their local church, and cheering for the Denver Broncos and Denver Nuggets.

I have a passion to see organizations reach their potential and maximize their effectiveness. However, many things stand in the way of effectiveness today:



Pace of


Lack of

Is your organization reaching its full potential and making significant impact?

Many organizations and their leaders struggle to break free from day-to-day challenges to focus on the future.

As someone who has been in your shoes, I specialize in helping organizations create and maintain strategic focus, navigate obstacles, and maximize their impact.

  • If your team is not thriving, I provide assessment options to help you engage your employees and align your foundation for success.
  • If you’re tired of facing the same challenges without feeling like you’re making a difference, I help you create a strategic direction that inspires.
  • If you’re having trouble implementing your strategic plan, I provide you with the tools and resources to transform your ability to make an impact.
  • And if you’re a leader facing adversity, I can guide you in overcoming challenges, rediscovering your purpose, and building lasting impact.

I am dedicated to helping nonprofits and their leaders unlock their full potential. I firmly believe that by nurturing humble and transformational leadership, organizations can flourish by creating focus and engaged employees.

My ultimate passion lies in assisting organizations in laying a solid foundation for success and maximizing their capabilities by prioritizing the few things that will be transformational. In doing so, I encourage organizations to confidently say ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ to distractions that hinder progress.


Convergent Strategy exists to unleash your organization’s potential by creating sustained strategic focus, organization effectiveness, and maximized mission impact.

Core Principles



Mission Driven
All work is designed to enhance your ability to accomplish your mission
Employee Focus
Your employees are your most significant resource. I work to help you engage employees more effectively.
A posture of humility allows for all voices to be heard to reach the best possible outcome.
Customer Focused

Every organization has unique contexts, needs, and goals. I customize my work to meet your specific situation.

Assessment Based
I dive deeper to understand the root cause of challenges through assessment.
Whole-System Approach
Knowing that small changes can have large ripples, I consider your entire system and environment.

I Help Organizations in the Following Areas

Organization Assessment

Strategic Planning

Organization Development


What I Do Is Driven by the Convergent Strategy Organization Model™

The Convergent Strategy Organization Model™ helps organizations maximize their workforce’s capacity and create sustained strategic focus.

I define Focused Impact as the combination of both Organization Effectiveness and Mission Impact.

The Convergent Strategy Organization Model™ depicts all items that must be in place and aligned for an organization to maximize its effectiveness and mission impact.
Focused Impact
Organization Effectiveness & Mission Impact – Ensure your goals, objectives, and most important outcomes are defined and aligned
Employee Engagement
Understand your ability to holistically engage your workforce.
Dynamic Strategic Management
Helps you understand your organization’s level of strategic focus.
Leadership & Governance
Assess your leadership compared to leadership attributes and practices that are necessary for organizations to succeed today.
Impact Anchors
Understand if your mission, vision, and values are clear to all and if they will fuel your mission impact in the future.
Assess how your culture and how your team views your culture differs from your desired culture.
Identify systems, procedures, policies, processes, and supporting functions that may be mis-aligned with your strategic direction.
External Environment
Ensure you can stay in tune with your environment.
Know your stakeholders’ changing wants, needs, and desires.


When all elements are working together in harmony, focused impact is achieved. Focused Impact far greater than you may have imagined.