Focused Impact for Your Organization


Why Assessment?
To understand where we need to go, we first must know where we’ve been and where we are today.

The Focused Impact Assessment is a comprehensive effectiveness and alignment assessment that has helped nonprofits realize more of their potential, enhance focus, and increase their mission impact.

Assessment Process
The assessment process takes place in 3 steps and is designed to give you and your organization customized and practical recommendations on how to maximize impact.

Assessment Taken by
Staff & Volunteers
  • 30 minute set-up call
  • 124 question online
    assessment taken by
    employees and key
    volunteers with
    average completion
    time of 15 minutes


  • Three reports that give insight into 9 organization elements and their 40 sub-elements
  • Results segmented by various groups in the organization

Review Results &

  • Two 60-90 minute virtual meetings to review results and customized recommendations
  • Collectively brainstorm ways to move forward

The process typically takes 6 to 10 weeks to complete with approximately 2 weeks provided for team members to take the assessment, time for report creation and results analysis, and time for consultations to review results and recommendations.

Assessment Methodology

The assessment is based on the Focused Impact Organization Model that captures elements that must be optimized and in alignment with one another to maximize
effectiveness and mission impact.

Focused Impact , the combination of impact and effectiveness is the goal. The assessment measures your effectiveness in Focused Impact and the other 8 organization elements:

Employee Engagement
Understand your ability to holistically engage your workforce.
Dynamic Strategic Management
Helps you understand your organization’s level of strategic focus.
Leadership & Governance
Assess your leadership compared to leadership attributes and practices that are
necessary for organizations to succeed today.
Impact Anchors
Understand if your mission, vision, and values are clear to all and if they will fuel your
mission impact in the future.
Assess how your culture and how your team views your culture differs from your desired culture.
Identify systems, procedures, policies, processes, and supporting functions that may be mis-aligned with your strategic direction.
External Environment
Ensure you can stay in tune with your environment.
Know your stakeholders’ changing wants, needs, and desires.
If you would like to understand how the assessment process works and the type of reports included, please take our complimentary strategic focus self-assessment. This complimentary self-assessment should take 2-3 minutes to complete and will provide you insight into your organization’s ability to create and sustain strategic focus.

Strategic Planning

Convergent Strategy offers comprehensive strategic planning services that are designed to create strategic focus and equip nonprofit organizations with the tools and resources necessary to sustain the focus created in the planning process.
  • Customized process that identifies strategic opportunities
  • Assessment based on Focused Impact Organization Model

Plan Creation

  • Two-day strategic planning session with your team
  • Refinement and finalization of strategic plan


  • Follow-up meetings to implement and create alignment around the plan
  • Tools to communicate, monitor, and report progress

The strategic planning process typically takes 3 to 6 months to complete depending on complexity and desired timeline.

The pre-planning process includes the organization assessment, is tailored to your unique needs, and can include receiving feedback from your donors, volunteers, participants, and staff.

The plan is created by a planning group that you identify that is equipped with the knowledge and passion to steward your strategic direction. The implementation phase is supported by tools, resources, and support to ensure your plan becomes reality.

Organization Development

Assessment-Based Organization Development
Organization Alignment
Ensure all organization elements are aligned to maximize effectiveness.
Team Health
Activities to ensure your teams are built on trust and can collaborate effectively
Help understand the importance of communication and established communication rhythms.
Performance Management Optimization
Align your performance management processes with your strategic direction.
Employee Engagement Improvements
Increase your organization’s ability to create a highly engaged workforce.
Change Management
Enhance your ability to create, lead, and manage people-focused change.
Develop a leadership posture that is founded on humility, self-awareness, and servant-
Help your board understand how it can help you maximize your potential.
Process Optimization
Ensure your processes are fully aligned with your strategic direction.
Culture Development
Culture is often mis-understood. Gain an understanding of how your people view your culture so you can move toward the culture you need to maximize your effectiveness and impact.