Don’t Let Your Plan End Up on a Shelf

In this article, we unpack the 5th benefit of Dynamic Strategic Management (DSM):

Benefit 5 – Nimble, Continuous, and Dynamic

DSM allows you to make necessary adjustments to your strategic plan on the go. While your strategic direction likely remains the same throughout the plan, what you do to implement your plan is constantly tailored and refined to match the changing circumstances. This dynamic approach, rather than a rigid and inflexible one, allows you to achieve continued success.

Dynamic Strategic Management is not a “set-it and forget-it” approach

DSM encourages organizations to adopt a nimble and adaptable planning approach. Instead of periodic planning events that only happen every few years, DSM advocates for continuous planning. This means that plans are not set in stone, but rather flexible and responsive to maximize effectiveness.

With DSM, a three-year vision provides a clear direction and allows for more tangible and timely steps towards the end goal. But how the organization reaches that vision is not fixed; it evolves and adapts as new challenges and opportunities arise. While operational plans set out the initial steps in various areas, they are constantly modified to align with the current reality. The result is an organization that is optimally positioned to achieve its vision.

How to Make Your Plan Nimble, Dynamic, and Continuous

To make your plan nimble, dynamic, and continuous, it’s important to view the strategic vision as the ultimate goal. The priorities, measurements, and actions in the plan define how the organization will progress towards that goal. However, as the organization moves forward, the specific actions may need to evolve. Completed tasks should be acknowledged, and new initiatives should be identified and started.

Progress towards the goal is achieved through regular refinement and renewal processes. Quarterly refinements allow for updates and adjustments in each priority area. Ongoing items are reviewed to ensure their relevance, and new initiatives are added to keep the organization moving towards the goal.

Annual renewal takes the refinement process a step further by validating the strategic vision and identifying any needed changes. This ensures that the organization’s priorities and initiatives remain aligned with the current reality.

By staying agile, adaptable, and constantly improving, organizations can effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that come their way and achieve long-term success.


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