Introducing the Nehemiah Blueprint

The Nehemiah Blueprint

A Guide to Overcome Challenges, Return to Purpose, and Build Lasting Impact

In January 2022, I spent my morning quiet time studying the book of Nehemiah. As I immersed my in Nehemiah’s story, it became apparent to me that his leadership example provides a tremendous leadership roadmap. 

If we think back to early 2022, leaders of faith-based organizations were facing tremendous challenges. Many leaders were stretched thin, on the brink of burn out, and feeling dread as they endeavored to be the leader God had called them to. 

The realization of how impactful Nehemiah’s leadership example can be to us as we continue to encounter challenging seasons began a journey that I didn’t think I would ever take. It resulted in a book, The Nehemiah Blueprint, that unpacks 8 attributes Nehemiah portrayed that fueled his leadership:

Passion & Calling | Courage | Wisdom & Discernment | Preparation
Humility | Vision | Action | Perseverance

As I wrote the book, I began to see four themes emerge that are deeper than the eight attributes.

Leadership is a Journey

While it may appear that Nehemiah’s leadership journey starts in Nehemiah 1, God was honing Nehemiah’s leadership ability well before he was called to help the Israelites rebuild the wall.

The attributes that made Nehemiah successful weren’t there overnight. Instead, they were cultivated through intentional effort. Each attribute he portrayed is not all or nothing, not something that you either have or don’t have. 

Instead, Nehemiah shows us that leadership is a journey. The goal is to take small steps to grow into the leaders we desire to be.

Be encouraged! Nehemiah shows us that where we are today on our leadership journeys is not where we always will be. We can intentionally grow to more fully become the leaders God has called us to be.

Leadership Matters

Nehemiah’s leadership had a multiplying effect on the Israelites. He did much more than organize a group of people. He motivated a nation to unite for one purpose, one goal. Individuals set aside personal differences and cancerous historical practices to contribute selflessly to their unifying cause.

Nehemiah’s positive leadership example translated into tremendous teamwork, humility, and selflessness by the Israelites. 

Unfortunately, the same multiplicative effect applies in the absence of good leadership. When leaders aren’t mindful of how they are leading, aren’t working to improve, and become self-focused, their leadership will inevitably spill over to the people they lead and create devastating ripples.

Nehemiah’s leadership mattered; it was the catalyzing difference that propelled the Israelites to success in an exponential way.

A Leader’s Foundation Matters

Nehemiah led on top of a foundation that was solid. He knew his purpose. He was courageous and willing to face difficulty. He constantly sought wisdom and took time to discern the best path forward. He created space for preparation and rest. He was humble, intentionally focused on others and aware of his weaknesses. He created a vision that resonated with the people. 

Nehemiah’s leadership foundation was intact. It was whole. It was crack free. He constantly stewarded it to ensure he was leading on a firm foundation. 

Nehemiah’s sound leadership foundation amplified under pressure; his leadership strength grew even stronger. 

When a leader’s foundation is sound, their strength will show up and amplify in challenges. But, when a leader’s foundation is cracked and crumbling, their weaknesses will also amplify when difficulties arise. 

It is too late to repair a leadership foundation when a challenge comes. The time is now to create a solid foundation so you can thrive through difficult seasons.

Leadership is not Something to be Done Alone

From the start, and constantly throughout the effort to rebuild the wall, Nehemiah sought God to help him lead. He prayed before starting his journey, he asked God for help daily, and he constantly pointed back to God as the reason for their success. 

Nehemiah’s example shows the importance of prayer and of seeking God for guidance. It shows how much more impactful we are when we surround ourselves with mentors and trusted counselors who help us navigate the difficult situations we will inevitably face. 

Nehemiah was not alone on his leadership journey, and we don’t have to go it alone either. 

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About the Author

Chris Jorgensen is the founder of Convergent Strategy. Chris offers strategic guidance in planning, effectiveness, and organization development. He is also the author of The Nehemiah Blueprint, which explores essential leadership attributes.