The Power of Strategic Clarity – Unleashing Focus

In this, we unpack the 2nd benefit of Dynamic Strategic Management:

Benefit 2 – Clarity of What’s Most Important

When DSM is working at its best, everyone within the organization knows what is most important and what the organization is doing to move in its strategic direction.

DSM creates clarity in four key areas:

Strategic Direction: The process’ lynch pin is a strategic direction statement that acts as the north star for the organization. If the organization can move in this direction, it will be more fully fulfilling its mission. It is the guiding force from which all action takes place. Everyone in the organization understands where they are headed and why it matters to move in the strategic direction.

Strategic Priorities: DSM establishes the few (3-5) priorities that define what the organization will focus on to move in its strategic direction. The priorities are known by all in the organization, and everyone understands how they uniquely contribute to them. The planning process is designed to percolate the right priorities and the implementation drives all strategic action toward moving each priority forward.

Strategic Indicators: One or two strategic indicators act as the goal line for each strategic priority. They are the metrics and measurements that tell the organization if it is on track. Clarity is created by designing a strategic dashboard that captures the performance in each indicator. The dashboard is updated regularly, shared constantly, and discussed often in the meetings.

Strategic Initiatives: Strategic initiatives represent the specific actions the organization must and will take within each priority. The initial initiatives are the first ones that must take place in each priority. The strategic initiatives are dynamic and as the first initiatives are completed, the organization will dynamically add initiatives in each priority.

Clarity is Created Through Communication!

Communication throughout the entire process ensures clarity is constant, it is not a one-time event. Effective, clarity-building communication focuses on various audiences throughout the entire process. Each audience receives the same communication, with external stakeholders receiving higher-level information and employees getting more in-depth information.

Leadership can multiply clarity by engraining communication into how the organization operates and functions. It should take place regularly and often. Each employee should be able to articulate where they want to go, how they will get there, and their unique role in the plan.

DSM creates a crystal clear picture that results in enhanced strategic focus. This multiplies the organization’s ability to realize its potential and maximize its mission impact.


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