Unleash the Power of Impact Anchors

Dynamic Strategic Management (DSM) is an innovative approach that breaks free from the confines of traditional planning. Instead of assuming a straightforward path towards your desired future, DSM embraces the reality of unexpected events, emerging opportunities, and technological shifts.

In this article we unpack how DSM is Centered on Impact Anchors, the 1st benefit of DSM.

Unleash the Power of Impact Anchors – Get Aligned and Make a Difference

Impact anchors are the keys to unlocking your potential and aligning focus.

Impact anchors most often consist of an organization’s mission, vision, core values, and strategic pillars. These foundational elements define who you are, what you aim to achieve, and how you’ll reach your goals. Patrick Lencioni’s model for impact anchors, as outlined in The Advantage, is the best we have seen. His model is reflected in many of the below definitions:

  • Mission – Why do you exist? Your mission statement captures the essence of your organization’s purpose and how you plan to make the world a better place [1].
  • Vision – Envision a better world! Your vision statement paints a picture of what the future will look like once you’ve accomplished your mission.
  • Core Values – What do you stand for? Core values reflect your organization’s fundamental beliefs and guide the behavior of every employee, driving you towards your mission[2]. Lencioni talks about core values providing clarity to employees about how they should behave daily[3].
  • Strategic Pillars – Make every decision count! Strategic pillars, as defined by Lencioni, are the criteria that should shape every decision within your organization.[4].

By embracing DSM, you’ll harness the power of impact anchors to maximize your mission impact.
DSM ensures that every action, every effort, aligns with your impact anchors and brings them to life. Your impact anchors become real and tangible to everyone in your organization.

Perhaps you have had the opportunity to be part of a workplace where every team member understands their role in the bigger picture. A place where clarity is constant, focus is heightened, and strategy is implemented seamlessly. To tap into this incredible benefit, you must ensure that your impact anchors are crystal clear and more than just decorations on the wall. Building clarity and prioritizing your impact anchors will align your strategic actions with your mission, propelling your organization forward.

DSM builds upon the impact anchors. Everything that is done throughout the dynamic planning process, and resulting implementation, is done to fulfill the impact anchors. They become more tangible in ways that allow you to align your work with the things that will propel you to realizing your potential and maximizing your impact.


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